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Sand bags provide poor performance for flood managementFlood Management

Flood Management has taken front stage as the need for protection has become so necessary – all over the country councils have been caught unprepared for the climate change in areas such as Norfolk, Cornwall, Ireland, Cumberland, Yorkshire and many other counties around the UK and has cost the insurance companies hundreds of millions last year alone, and long term forecasts anticipate no respite during the coming years. Besides their inherent poor performance as a flood water barrier, sandbags are difficult to store, taking up substantial warehousing for unknown periods of time in anticipation of an emergency. Excessively heavy and difficult to carry, each weighing approximately 15-20 kilos, sandbags are not easily disposed of and serious on-costs are incurred by trucking them away after use. They are not environmentally friendly for they cannot be emptied into the earth after use. Sandbags not only leak and filter water through them but they are also capable of carrying infectious diseases emanating from sewage polluted water.

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Flooding is a persistant problem and long term forecasts anticipate no respite during the coming years.