West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service


West Yorkshire FRS is responsible for the maintenance of 45,000+ hydrant pits throughout a massive area. It was highlighted that engineers/operators spend a large amount of time digged out/cleaning hydrant pits before being able to service or use them in an emergency.


The Water Officer’s team from WYFRS highlights that the HydroSack® (normally used for flood protection/water diversion) was the perfect size to fit inside a cleared hydrant pit, to prevent it from filling with silt and road run-off. Five problem pits were identified, and HydroSack®s were installed.


After a 3-6 month trial period, the pits were revisited and the HydroSack®s were found to have expanded and sealed them effectively from filling with silt and road run-off. The use of HydroSack®s (and also HydroSnake®s) by Fire & Rescue Services UK-wide now allows for reduced risk of injury to hydrant technicians & emergency staff, and has reduced waste disposal costs.