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Gravitas International is proud to have become the Master Distributor of FlexMSE® for the UK & Ireland as of March 2017.
The FlexMSE® Vegetated Wall System is a unique patented engineering solution for vegetated retaining walls and erosion control.

Using MSE (mechanically stabilised earth) principles along with geotextile technology, the combination of nonwoven FlexMSE® bags and patented interlocking gripper plates allows for strong and easy-to-install geomodular block structures.

Flex MSE
Flex MSE
Flex MSE

FlexMSE® bags are filled with a mixed of sand & soil, and can be formed into near vertical (85°) retaining walls, green landscaping structures and erosion resistant sidings to rivers and coast-lines. The patented gripper pads, made from 100% recycled materials, are placed between the layers of filled bags to add to the strength and stability of the structures constructed. FlexMSE® is commonly used in conjunction with Geogrid products.

FlexMSE® is suitable for hydroseeding, live staking, live planting and brush layering, and is water & root permeable.

With a design life of 120+ years and a 75-year warranty, FlexMSE® structures withstand almost unlimited differential settlement (up to 2m).

In comparison to other materials used for the same applications, FlexMSE®:

  • Has 97% less Green House Gas output than concrete
  • Has 98.5% less Green House Gas output than steel
  • Takes 2/3 the time of installation compared to concrete
  • Costs approx. 60% than traditional systems
  • Doesn’t require footing, rebar or specialised equipment to install
  • Graffiti proof
  • Eligible for LEED and BREEAM credits

Common applications for FlexMSE® include:

  • Slope repairs
  • Green flood protection walls
  • Noise barriers
  • Landscaping & garden walls
  • Vegetated culvert headwalls
  • Ditch linings