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  • Independently proven
  • Non – corrosive
  • 100% organic
  • Easy to install
  • UK designed & made

EndoTherm™ is designed to increase the efficiency of wet central heating systems, proven to decrease energy costs by up to 15% in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. It is a natural additive, decreasing the surface tension of the water within the system, therefore increasing conduction of heat from radiators, whilst decreasing load on the boiler. This in turn increases the rate of heat transfer, and the longevity of heat retention.

There has been significant testing on its performance from independent facilities. EndoTherm™ has been confirmed by leading boiler manufacturers as non-corrosive, and does not void any warranties. In addition to this, it also works in conjunction with the leading inhibitors.


  • Ecobuild, 2015 (in association with Marks & Spencer) – The Big Innovation Pitch, Winner
  • H&V News Awards, 2015 – Domestic H&V Product of The Year
  • CIBSE Building Performance Awards, 2016 – Energy Saving Product of the Year

In domestic usage, an average 10-12 single radiator home requires one 500ml bottle of EndoTherm™. If your home is larger than average (or has more radiators/underfloor heating) you will require 1 litre (2 x 500ml bottles). Commercially, 1 litre per 100 litres of system volume is satisfactory. Experts from Endo Enterprises can calculate exactly how much EndoTherm™ will be required to maximise the potential return on investment.

Yes- in any heating system where a boiler is used to heat water, EndoTherm™ will work.

EndoTherm™ will remain in a closed central heating system without any deterioration of energy savings for at least 4 years, according to tests.

EndoTherm™ can be added to a system using a feed and expansion tank or via a partially drained radiator.

EndoTherm™ is not dangerous to touch. It has the official classification of a ‘mild irritant’ but carries no hazardous threat.