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TrafficSack is a new development in roadside maintenance products that makes the humble sandbag redundant overnight.

Sandbags are widely used in the UK providing the weight for temporary traffic signs to prevent them from being blown over by strong winds or passing vehicles.  But they have always been bulky, heavy to handle, crude, unreliable and prone to splitting.

 TrafficSack is a slim, compact and lightweight product that is less than ?% the bulk and weight of a sandbag – until you want to use it.

 In its original form the TrafficSack weighs a little 0.5kg.  When ready to use it you simply soak the TrafficSack in water and in minutes its super absorbent polymer filling absorbs up to 7kg of water – and retains it without leaking.  You create the weighty ballast you need just when you need it.


DOT legislation requires that temporary traffic signs be sufficiently robust to prevent them being blown over easily.  Furthermore the weight or ballast used to achieve this must be of a granular material so that, under impact, it splits and disperses without increasing the risk of injury.


 The pulp and super absorbent polymer (SAP) filling exceeds the legislated safety requirements and, should impact occur, the water-saturated contents offer minimal risk of collateral injury.


SAP is an inert, eco-friendly product that is easily disposed – simply slit the sack and disperse the contents harmlessly into the earth.  It is suitable for both landfill and incineration.

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