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  • Emits an alarm of ~110dB when wet
  • Wireless – no batteries required
  • Can be used repeatedly
  • Just position it and forget it
  • Lasts up to 3 years in situ
  • 4 x models to choose from

FloodBuzz™ Water Escape Alarms have made monitoring your property for potential water damage incredibly simple.

The four models in the FloodBuzz™ range cover the majority of possible leak conditions. There are no batteries to buy, buttons to push, and are completely wireless. Just position the FloodBuzz™ in an area of potential water escape and forget about it.


When in contact with water the FloodBuzz™ will activate and emit an alarm that sounds up to 110dB.FloodBuzz™ alarms will last for up to 3 years and are reusable. To test the FloodBuzz™ alarm, simply place the base of the unit in water or on a damp cloth. Dry the base prongs and your FloodBuzz™ is ready to be used again.

For best guarantee of protection, replace your FloodBuzz™ alarm by the date stated on the outer casing of the unit.

With the FloodBuzz™ range of water leak alarms, you can now be warned of water leaks when they happen. FloodBuzz™ alarms have become critical tools in warning homeowners, building managers and landlords of water leaks that may lead to water damage and mould, before they become costly problems to repair.

The FloodBuzz™ has a fixed battery life of up to 3 years. For the best guarantee of protection, we recommend that you replace your FloodBuzz™ by the date stated on the outer casing of the unit.

Your FloodBuzz™ is best placed in a place where it is most likely to detect a leakage or a flood: Under a sink, in a boiler cupboard, a bathroom, or in your basement- anywhere where there may be risk of water escaping on your property, domestic or commercial. The base of your FloodBuzz™ should touch the floor.

The FloodBuzz™ do vary in size:

  • The FloodBuzz™ Small has a height of 3cm, and a diameter of 4cm.
  • The FloodBuzz™ Pro is 6cm in height, and has a diameter of 5cm.
  • The FloodBuzz™ Blue has dimensions 10cm in height, and a base area of 4×1.5cm. All three are incredibly discreet, and will fit into small spaces perfectly.

The FloodBuzz™ Pro and the FloodBuzz™ Blue sound up to 110 decibels, and the FloodBuzz™ Small sounds up to 95 decibels.