Zaq Mughal March 13, 2017 No Comments
  • Used to build naturally resilient Geomodular structures
  • Unique soft building material which exhibits hard material qualities
  • Adapts to events that would ruin lesser systems
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Installs in 2/3 to 1/2 the time of convential walls

FlexMSE™ Vegetated Wall System is a patented engineered solution for vegetated retaining walls and erosion control. Nonwoven bags and interlocking plates create a naturally resilient Geomodular structure that only gets stronger and greener as time goes on. FlexMSE™ Vegetated Wall System is a Patented system which uses Mechanically Stabilised Earth (MSE) principles along with geotextile technology to create strong and easy to install Geomodular structures. The all-in costs for a FlexMSE™ Vegetated Wall System wall are generally 40-50% less than other systems. Hydroseeding or live planting/staking finished walls are examples of vegetation methods that work well with the FlexMSE™ Vegetated Wall System.