Hydrosack is the new, modern method to create a highly effective barrier to the threat of flood water in domestic and commercial properties. It is the perfect substitute for the old, traditional sandbag which is not only less effective but is also difficult to handle, labour intensive and a potential health hazard. When soaked with water before installation, each Hydrosack absorbs up to 20 litres of water it lets the water in but refuses to let the water out, even when punctured and when built into layers,the Hydrosack wall produces a highly effective barrier to flood water. But that’s only one benefit… Before use each Hydrosack weighs a mere kilo. Being so light it is fast and easy to handle and place into key positions – when flooding threatens every second counts. Soak the Hydrosacks in water and in minutes they are inflated and ready to settle into position and, because of their suppleness, they fit into openings and doorwells more snugly, improving their flood prevention qualities. HydroSack© is available in various colours according to the situation required and they have handles for easy movement, especially in emergency conditions. The unique 3-section structure of the HydroSack© allows a controlled spread which prevents the contents from moving from side to side.

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