The PlumbPad™ is the new innovative solution to domestic or commercial leaks and spills. Measuring only 44cm x 19cm, the PlumbPad™ is more absorbent than a whole roll of kitchen towel or a bath towel.


One PlumbPad™ will absorb and lock in up to 2 litres of water, preventing damage that is usually caused by leaking pipes, bleeding radiators or faulty appliances.


The PlumbPad™ can be used to catch dripping water from pipes or used to mop up puddles of fluid replacing paper towels and other improvised products. Once in contact with water, the PlumbPad™ will immediately lock in any fluid it comes into contact with, protecting carpets and flooring.




tech-plumbpad   The PlumbPad™ is produced and packaged with both the plumber and domestic user in mind: Plumbers can keep a pack or two in their vehicle and find that they will go through less PlumbPads™ than any other absorbency product they are currently using.


Domestic users can store packs of PlumbPads™ easily in cupboards or drawers until needed, and if stored in a dry place will last for more than 5 years.


The absorbent compound within the PlumbPad™ is ecofriendly and is often used to enhance plant growth in agriculture. They can be disposed of by landfill or by incineration. This product provides an economic solution to leaks and spills, compared to any other currently on the market, and is an essential part of a plumber’s kit to protect their clients from excess water.


No plumber should be without a pack of PlumbPads™.


The PlumbPad™ is a UK product, conceived and manufactured exclusively by Gravitas International Ltd.


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